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Willard E.

Willard E. Walrus Cartoon Character

Cartoon Character Bio and Description

Willard E. WalrusA “Professor” by day is Willard E., but being Odee’s sidekick Is what he prefers, you see.  If Willard could choose his own Degree, a major in adventure would be his Ph.D!

Willard E. is an intelligent and sophisticated English professor.  He is known for his grammar lessons and funny words described as “Willard Words”. Willard comes across as being a little on the stuffy side, but he often gets himself into humorous predicaments, or as one might say, mayhem. He’s Odee’s sidekick, so he is always looking for adventure, even though it’s not his nature. Willard has a secret addiction…did someone mention cookies?
*Our fans frequently ask questions regarding the concept of Qwiznibet Square Junction and the creation of the characters, so we like to include some fun facts. CLICK TO SEE WILLARD E. FUN FACTS.