Video Book Trailer

Original “World of Wonder” Theme Song

QwiznibeTUNES: Original Jingles


QWIZNIBETUNES: Original Jingles

Original “Jingles” and “Big Band Music” for a new generation


Qwiznibet’s World of Wonder Theme Song

Written by: Creator, Daniel Tostenson


 “Introducing Odee Dickens and Qwiznibet Square Junction” Book Jingle

Written by: Creator, Daniel Tostenson


Watch for more Original Jingles and Musical Scores that invite you, note by note, into the magical world of Qwiznibet Square.  Hubble, the blue-singing Hippo, has also been working hard with his band as they prepare to masterfully guide you into the Big Band Swing sound of an era that was truly golden…get ready to experience all the magical music that takes you there.