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Gourmet Cookie Collection | Odees Bake Shoppe | Qwiznibet Square Junction

An assortment of cookies so rarely ever seen,
From tasty to fabulicious, and everything in-between.
One look at the list and you will soon see,
A gourmet selection these cookies must be! 
2lbs. $33.25
(A beautiful gift box of 23 of my most special cookies: Java, Cornmeal Orange, Butter Glitter Star and Chocolate Caramel Dipped Cookies. Chocolate Dipped Pecan Triangle Bar, Raspberry, Chocolate Toffee Cookie Bar & Macadamia Brownie Bars)

Raspberry Bars | Odee's Bake Shoppe | Qwiznibet Square Junction

A Raspberry sensation is what’s in store,
And once having tasted, you’ll come back for more!
Oats, walnuts, coconut, brown sugar… whew!
Oh, and did I mentioned sweet butter, that’s in there too.
2.6 lbs. $35.50


Chocolate Chip Brownies | Odee's Bake Shoppe | Qwiznibet Square Junction
Chocolate Chip Brownies are some of my favorite things,
So irresistibly delectable what joy this dessert brings!
Densely rich chocolate brownies with chocolate chips too…
This is a sweet treat baked especially for you! 
3 lbs. $35.50