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Odee Dickens


 Odee Dickens Cartoon Character

Cartoon Character Bio and Description


Odee DickensMagical adventures and baked goods too,
Are what Odee Dickens loves to do!
He’s a bit eccentric in his own way,
And often the hero of the day.  
His influence  to young and old, of many worlds, if you would, reminds of Childhood innocence and the wonder of all that’s good! 
Odee Dickens: Though he is a donkey, he is intelligent, sophisticated and a little on the eccentric side. He is the baker of Qwiznibet, and in many ways the leader (Hero) of this unusual clan.  Through the use of his magic hat and cane, Odee also has a special calling to ‘remind of childhood innocence and the wonder of all that’s good’.  He and his sidekick, Willard E., often venture out to the most unusual realms through the magical portal located in his kitchen pantry. Fhiligus Fromley, the mayor of Qwiznibet, occasionally joins them on their magical adventures. Since Abrielle Dunay, the French Friesian, moved into town, Odee has been a little distracted by her beauty and tries to change his plans so he can conveniently run into her for a delightful conversation. When Odee is around Abrielle, he tends to get a bit befuddled, causing many humorous mishaps. She is his love interest. They make the perfect pair.
*Our fans frequently ask questions regarding the concept of Qwiznibet Square Junction and the creation of the characters, so we like to include some fun facts. CLICK HERE FOR ODEE DICKENS’ FUN FACTS