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Freida Fromley | Mrs. Fromley

Mrs. Fromley Cartoon Character

Cartoon Character Bio and Description


Mrs. Fromley Freida Fromley, the matriarchal Flelican of the Fromley clan,
Is ready to help wherever she can.
With boisterous concern she flitters about…
But there is never a doubt
Of her kind intentions within and without!

Mrs. Fromley is the perfect matriarchal first lady of Qwiznibet. She is the wife of Mayor Fhiligus Fromley. She shows love and kindness everywhere she goes. Her heart is filled with such motherly love and concern that she sometimes appears over bearing, but it is most often greatly appreciated by all … she is always seeking to find someone to wrap her arms around.   

*Our fans frequently ask questions regarding the concept of Qwiznibet Square Junction and the creation of the characters, so we like to include some fun CLICK TO SEE MRS. FROMLEY FUN FACTS.