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Mr. Tibbets

 Mr. Tibbets’ Cartoon Character

Cartoon Character Bio and Description



Mr. TMr. Tibbets ibbits is another we’d Like you to meet,
And though he’s a Tortoise he’s quick on his feet!
(He has a little secret but please don’t tell,
Yes, Tibby is a Tortoise but was born without a shell!)
A butler by trade in Odee’s employ,
Tibbets’s been part of the family since before Odee was a boy.

Mr. Tibbets (John Gielgud type) is the perfect beloved butler of the Dickens home. He has been the Dickens family butler since before Odee was a boy. As much as Tibby appreciates and enjoys serving Odee’s friends, he is often exasperated by Willard, as Willard tends to bring mayhem wherever he goes, causing much concern and clean up time after disaster strikes. He and Willard tend to have a love/hate relationship. You can read more about Tibbets in his story entitled, ‘Mr. Tibbets’ Personal Biographical Tale.’

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