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Original “World of Wonder” Theme Song

Hubble Hippo

 Hubble Hippo Cartoon Character

Cartoon Character Bio and Description


Original JinglesHubble, the blue-singing Hippo, you haven’t met yet.
In fact, the more he sings the bluer he gets!
He’s happy-go-lucky and a friend that is true.
And now that he’s met you, you’re his friend too!

Hubble, the jazz singing, trumpet playing blue hippo (in the style of Louis Armstrong), is one of the main entertainers in Qwiznibet.  He is known to break out into song at any time.  The more he sings the bluer he gets.  Although Hubble is blue that only speaks of his hue, for quite frankly, he is happy go lucky most all of the time.  Hubble is the leader of a full jazz & swing band, but frequently has bass singing bullfrogs and whistling blue birds join in on the fun.