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Henrietta Holstein

 Henrietta Holstein Cartoon Character

Cartoon Character Bio and Description



Henrietta HolsteinHenrietta (Holstein) is Hornsby’s bovine bride.
She was a former ‘Miss Cow Belle’, as Hornsby says of her with pride! 
A devoted wife and mother, Henrietta has made their house a loving home. 
Her hospitality and home cooking welcome all who wander and roam. 

Henrietta Holstein, the wife of Hornsby, is known for her hospitality and home-cooking. She is the ‘Leave it to Beaver’ type mom from the Midwest. She offers her savory, nostalgic homemade specialty food (Slow Cooker Sauce, Sloppy Joe Mix and Meatball Glaze) to a new generation. Her recipes are likened to the yummy, old fashioned tasty treasures Grandma used to make.

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