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“Future Dream” Synopsis



“A Future’s Present Dream”™

Written by: Daniel Tostenson


This is the amazing story of a young orphan from Stone Gate named William.  His only avenue of escape from the oppressive and harsh reality of his life at Stone Gate is his imagination and the wonderfully magical dreams that come to his mind.  If only they could somehow become his reality…

One sleepless night William decides to climb up a ladder to the window’s ledge, sensing something unusual is about to happen. Peering out into the night sky, suddenly a swirling pathway of light from out of the Milky Way appears, coming to a stop right in front of his window!  To William’s continued amazement, he sees a lone figure walking toward him on this Milky Way stair.  The window magically opens upon his arrival. He introduces himself as Odee Dickens, an English looking gentleman with a red derby hat and a candy striped cane. He also happens to be a donkey!

Odee invites William on an adventure and together they set out on the Milky Way stair.  They travel out beyond the great somewhere to Odee’s home, the village of Qwiznibet Square Junction.  In Qwiznibet William meets many other ‘unusual’ and friendly ‘Qwiznibetans’.  Here William finds a place he can call home and a family of Qwiznibet friends who love and accept him as their own.  But there is much more to this unfolding story… little did young William know he was also soon to discover his future destiny!

A battle over good and evil is about to ensue, between Thasian, Spirit of all that’s good, and Dregon, the Dark Vulture.  And William finds himself in the middle of the conflict as the key to it all!  Dregon is out to steal the magical power found in Odee Dickens’ hat and cane.  But more important, he is set on stealing William’s destiny as a true ‘Son of Light’… which is his position as the future Prince of the realm of ‘Dreams Come True’!

This classic tale written in Rhyme in Prose, is an epic drama infused with magical enchantment, mystery and intrigue.  It embraces all audiences, pulling on the heart strings through humor and pain, and the unexpected pathways to love, destiny and dreams coming true…and it might also contain another surprise or two!


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