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Fhiligus Fromley


 Fhiligus Fromley Cartoon Character

Cartoon Character Bio and Description

Fhiligus Fromley | Cookie Dunking and Milk DayFhiligus Fromley is quite the distinguished gentleman.
He’s the mayor of Qwiznibet and a Scottish Flelican,
Which is actually a cross between a flamingo and a pelican!
 Fhiligus Fromley is the Mayor of Qwiznibet, so he is always planning special events. Though his events are a little on the quirky side (as is he!), he is very serious about the outcome. He declares holidays such as “Cookie Dunking in Milk Day” and “Be Kind to Your Neighbor Day.”  These particular days and others are celebrated on a regular basis in the Town Square.  He also sometimes accompanies Odee on his cosmic adventures.
*Our fans frequently ask questions regarding the concept of Qwiznibet Square Junction and the creation of the characters, so we like to include some fun facts. CLICK HERE FOR FHILIGUS FROMLEY FUN FACTS.