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Abrielle Dunay

 Abrielle Dunay Cartoon Character

Cartoon Character Bio and Description


Abrielle DunayAbrielle Dunay is a French Friesian who’s a bit out of place.
She’s the librarian of Qwiznibet, but fashion’s her taste.
A creature of great beauty there is not any doubt
But it is her beauty within that makes her really stand out! 
Possessing common sense that is often so rare,
Abrielle and Odee make a very unique pair!

Abrielle Dunay heralds from a family of sophistication, culture and means. She left home to follow her heart to become the librarian of Qwiznibet. Though strikingly beautiful, and elegant on the outside, she is most known for her exquisite inner beauty and grace.  She is strong, yet soft spoken and kind. Little did she know, when she accepted the job as Qwiznibet librarian, she also would find her true love, Odee Dickens. Though he’s a donkey, he is intelligent, adventurous and sophisticated. They make the perfect pair. Odee takes Abrielle on adventures that are out of her cultured comfort zone. Though she is apprehensive on these adventures, she really enjoys her time with Odee. They have many humorous mishaps and stories to share.  She is always struggling with the tension between style and preparation when it comes to her adventures with Odee. She has since come up with a way to be stylish and casual at the same time. She has designed her line of clothes called “Abrielle’s Adventure Wear”, combining comfort and elegant style. Her designs are similar to 1920’s golf attire.

She can be found on occasion entertaining the Qwiznibetans with her beautiful melodic (French) singing voice, similar to Allison Adams or Stacey Kent .


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