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Abrielle Dunay *Fun Fact

Abrielle Dunay Cartoon Character *Fun Facts

Abrielle Dunay’s Cartoon Character Transformation


abrielleNew Abrielle.jpgabrielle2Abrielle Dunay







*Fun Fact – The idea of Abrielle Dunay came about because co-creator, Jeanette Tostenson suggested a need for female characters and a love interest for Odee Dickens.

*Fun Fact – The name and identity of Abrielle Dunay came out of the imaginary mind of co-creator, Daniel Tostenson.

*Fun Fact – From the beginning… Abrielle was meant to be beautiful from the inside out. As you can see from the above images, it was a process. She went through a process of illustration plastic surgery by creators.

*Fun Fact – Creator’s response when he saw the first version of Abrielle. “I must confess the first attempt at Abrielle startled us a bit…in fact Odee ran under the bed and said he wouldn’t come out until the real Abrielle arrived!” 🙂