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Odee Dickens and Qwiznibet Square Junction were discovered, quite by accident, in another dimension of time and space, deep within the imagining mind of Daniel Tostenson, approximately  20 years ago. With the help and expertise of his wife and partner, Jeanette Tostenson, he recently was able to transport this amazing discovery through a magical portal into the human realm and introduce this wonderful world of “Dreams Come True!”

Daniel and Jeanette’s combined experience in the entertainment industry spans well over 2 decades. Daniel has worked as an on-camera actor for film, commercials and spokesperson/host, as well as voice-over talent for national commercial campaigns. Jeanette has had the privilege to work as an executive assistant to a director in Los Angeles, California. In addition, she has worked as a graphic designer, an audio/video editor, as well as a managing partner in the wonderful world of media.

Their unique background of diverse and various interests and experience also carry over into the arena of specialty foods.  As partners in a family food  business, Daniel and Jeanette have been able to utilize their knowledge in this field to expand the Qwiznibet brand to include specialty foods ranging from savory to sweet.

Offering wholesome media outlets and content, while restoring the magical wonder of childhood innocence, are among the ways Daniel and Jeanette hope to positively influence their culture and future generations.

Their hope is that you and your children will enjoy the wonderful characters, their stories and their wares, as much as they do, and that Qwiznibet Square Junction and its “Citizens” will become as much a part of your lives for generations to come!Odee's Adventures

*FUN FACT:  From the beginning of their marriage, Daniel & Jeanette say “there were signs they were destined to pursue the Qwiznibet world of whimsy and rhyme because they would always get into contests trying to out rhyme the other in their conversations!” The contest is still ongoing… Who will win? Only time will tell.

*FUN FACT: Daniel wrote the infamous “Qwiznibet” poem, which became the inspiration for his first book “Introducing Odee Dickens & Qwiznibet Square Junction” at a Carl’s Jr. in Valencia, California, while enjoying a chocolate chip cookie and a cup of coffee.

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